The Prep Is Real

My family and I have been trying to focus more on eating well. We are actually transitioning to a Vegan diet (except for my teen, he’d have no parts). I must admit, I thought I would have been fully transitioned by now. But every time things get tight, one of the first things we do is cut the food budget.

Flaxseed Chia Bread

Flaxseed Chia Bread

For some reason, it is MUCH cheaper to buy animal products, especially when Organic produce is a priority! Who would’ve thought plants could be so expensive? I mean, they’re plants.

So, as a human, I sometimes fall victim to stress, circumstances and routine.

Mexican Chopped Salad

Mexican Chopped Salad

So, to help us stay on track, my husband suggested we start food prepping. We noticed that when we food prep, we save more money instead of “freestylin” through the week. We also noticed we were consistently able to shed a pound, or inches, when prepping. With a limited budget (for four), I was forced to get creative and most of the time, and make something out of nothing.


Blackened Tofu Salad

Blackened Tofu Salad w/ Strawberry Vinaigrette

Now, I am fortunate enough to food prep for a few clients. I must admit, it feels great to share my passion and experiences through food.

When used right, food can be your best friend while being beneficial. Food is fuel, and it nourishes our being. So, nothing but the best over here!



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