Women! We are moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, wives, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and the backbone of our homes and our communities. This space was created to cater to, and make time for ourselves.

We are Curls & Crowns. A community for women, by women that caters to curly, kinky and wavy hair.

By focusing on our 8 core values we are able to help women live their best lives possible! Every event we host, every company we work with, we do so with these values in mind:


Self Care – It is so important for women to take time out to allow for self-care. If we are not taking care of ourselves, we can not take care of our families.

Meditation & Yoga – Meditation helps us to quite the mind and if even for a moment, to find peace. Yoga practices can be important to help us find our center in life. As busy women, sometimes we overlook the difference a few minutes can make, in our moods and our productivity. It is important to take time out to align; mind, body and soul.

Sustainability – It is important, and it matters the caliber of product and how they arrive on our shelves and in our homes. By focusing on sustainability, we can help our planet continue to thrive for generations to come.

Plant Based Nutrition – We believe that no animal needs to be harmed in order to eat well, and provide our bodies with the nutrition it needs to flourish. This type of nutrition allows us to feel happier, lighter, more energetic, and of course enjoy glowing skin!

Healthy Hair – Our hair is our crowning glory! It’s the crown that we wear constantly, so it is important that we nurture it, treat it kindly and maintain its health. So, we read product labels, sometimes make our own products, and eat well to aid in the healthiest hair possible.

Non GMO products – We believe that GMO’s are not our friends. The long term results of something altered at the cellular level isn’t fully known yet. We don’t want to be guinea pigs!

Organic – Being free from pesticides helps to keep our bodies at their healthiest, and helps keep unnecessary chemicals at bay. By choosing organic, we help promote better farming practices, and aid our bodies in proper body function.

No Animal Testing – We believe that animals are our friends! We condone love and hugs for our animal friends. Testing on animals is unkind, there are other options!